Monday, 30 January 2012

All you need is LOVE

I'm of the belief that love should be celebrated everyday - but Valentines Day is still a great excuse to cherish the loved ones around us...

When I worked in a confectionery store many years ago I will never forget meeting a man who was buying 5 boxes of chocolates, one for his wife, one for each of his four daughters and a bag of jellybeans for his dog. This really stuck with me - I guess because the gesture was so grand and the smile on his face was so precious.

For this day and for any other day for that matter, Miss Lulu's has brought in a full artillery of goodness and love. There is a choice of fluffy choc-dipped marshmallow hearts in two sizes (and you can customize the larger heart if you want to!), heart emblazoned cupcakes or gingerbread hearts (which will now be staying on the menu due to popular demand)...

Also new in the world of Miss Lulu's Dessert Parlour - you can now choose your delivery date when you order. HOORAY!  So make sure you reserve your delivery date early to avoid disappointment :)

With lots of love x
Miss Lulu x

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