Monday, 6 February 2012

We are the Dreamers of Dreams

Since we started in December - we've been trying to get in touch with sensitive tummies out there with the intention of helping bring back a bit of magic, fun and happiness.

But what we totally didn't expect are the orders we've been getting from people who have no allergies at all.  And even more unexpected is the feedback - people taking the time to write in and tell me that they couldn't tell that our treats were gluten and dairy free (and more). I can only say that I am beyond humbled and completely overwhelmed by it.

In my heart I wished so badly that I could just bring some relief to people who so often walk past beautiful bakeries knowing that there will be nothing in there for them (and if there is - it's not often appealing).  And I wanted to create something that could be shared around without hesitation - rather than something sensitive tummies would feel ashamed of.  I wished it - but I wasn't absolutely sure that I could achieve it.

But with everything you dream about - it's so important that you give it a go - otherwise you'll always wonder.  And now?  I'm beyond glad that I'm doing this - because it has become one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life.

Thank you once again to everyone for spreading the word - the enthusiasm and support is such a beautiful gift for us.

Lots of love,
Miss Lulu xx

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