Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Coffee Eclairs!

I love my customers :) I got this email today from the wonderful Wendy who had a bridal shower morning tea packed with Miss Lulu's goodies :)

"I have now consumed (in one morning)

Half a chocolate ├ęclair

Half a coffee ├ęclair
1 x strawberry donut
Half a chocolate donut
1 x apple crumble cupcake
1 x chocolate cupcake

Thank you Miss Lulu – they were delicious!!!"

And did you read coffee eclair? Yes! You did! After some lucky customers taste tested them for me - they'll now be making their official debut at the Northside Produce Market this Saturday!

And all my best wishes Wendy for a beautiful wedding x You truly deserve it!

 Love from Miss Lulu x

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