Monday, 9 July 2012

BabyCakes NYC

For me - any trip to New York is not complete without a trip to BabyCakes NYC. When I walked in for the first time many years ago I realized how much I missed the experience of being able to walk into a charming bakery and having the freedom to choose a selection of beautifully presented treats. 

 I love being able to tuck into something unapologetically and to also have zero side effects. I wanted to capture this feeling and BabyCakes was certainly one factor that inspired me to try and bring this feeling back to the good people of Sydney. 

I'm somewhat biased whenever I think of BabyCakes - because they made me hope for more again. So unashamedly - I love them - for what they stand for and for what they did for me. 

On the evening of our arrival in New York City, and fifteen minutes before the clock struck midnight and my birthday had officially begun, Mr Lulu had arranged to have a BabyCakes chocolate cake waiting for me when we walked into our hotel room. Gosh - can I just say I love Mr Lulu so so much?! Having a cake by them as my birthday surprise was the ultimate - because I have to admit I thought about them the moment I touched down! Mr Lulu obviously knows me too well and arranged it so that I didn't have to wait until the next morning! 

So with a big cake to consume over the next few days (amongst many other things!) it was only on my last day in New York that I finally managed to visit BabyCakes. 

It continues to exude such charm and character - and on the morning that we visited it was very full with a line almost out the door! I told Mr Lulu that I was going to get one thing - but suddenly I found myself with a full box of donuts, a cookie, a cinnamon bun and a banana cupcake. Hmmm I wonder how that happened?! Sinking my teeth into them was a delight - its so different when you eat something that isn't made by you - I guess you become less critical and more able to enjoy the experience. 

And enjoy it I did! Some of their flavours are radical - some I tried included pink lemonade and a crazy cookie crunch donut peppered generously with cookie crumbs and chocolate chips. The cinnamon bun was very moist - I've had to avoid yeast as it makes my tummy unsettled, so to have a cinnamon bun without yeast was a revelation! The banana cupcake was lovely, however because of the heat of the day the frosting had melted considerably (they use coconut oil for their frosting and it melts easily) and was a bit of a mess. I have to say that if you're trying their cupcakes for the first time, don't expect the usual frosting that you remember, it tastes different with a smoother texture but it's still well worth trying. 

So here are the facts about BabyCakes NYC - they are all vegan and dairy free, but they're not all gluten free as they use spelt flour in some of their products. They're careful though and use separate utensils for the gluten and spelt products to avoid cross contamination. They can't guarantee nut free as some of the products that they use may contain nuts.

BabyCakes NYC is located at 248 Broome Street (Btwn Orchard & Ludlow)
(They also have stores in Los Angeles & Orlando Florida)

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