Monday, 9 July 2012

Blue Smoke

Before I begin - let me start by stopping any vegans from reading on - STOP STOP STOP! :) Blue Smoke is definitely not the sort of place you would like to visit. However having said that - if you're a vegetarian they have a special menu just for you. And nut free friends - this place has its own nut free menu!!!!!

The Blue Smoke Rib Sampler

If you've been craving an all American barbecue but have had to suppress this desire because you couldn't find anywhere safe to eat it then Blue Smoke is well worth visiting...

 Both a relaxed restaurant and a jazz club famous for their pit barbecue - Mr Lulu and I headed to their Flatiron location and were excited to be presented with a gluten free menu. The first thing I explored when reading it was what might have dairy in it, and to be honest there were quite a few items and my heart started to panic a bit. But our knowledgable server said that it wouldn't be a problem and seamlessly pointed out what was safe for me to eat & admitted when he wasn't sure and would check to make sure.

So far, so good - I was beginning to settle in and get a handle on my usual first-time dinner nerves.

The other obvious thing we noticed from the other diners around us were the huge portions. Armed with that knowledge we ordered the Rib Sampler for two which gave us the chance to try a variety of flavours without ordering too much.

Were the fries gluten free? Sadly no - but because I couldn't eat their mashed potato alternative they went to the trouble of preparing special oven-baked sweet potato wedges that weren't even on the menu. I was pretty impressed by that effort.

We also ordered sautéed spinach and rather than using butter they used oil instead. And Mr Lulu ordered the macaroni and cheese which the waiter said was amazing (I tried to close my ears when she said that)...

The verdict? From first bite the ribs were lip-smackingly good. We preferred some styles over others but overall the meat just fell off the bone and the deep smokiness pervading all of the ribs really showed all the time & effort that went into their preparation. This is obviously the star item on their menu because everyone seemed to be eating ribs! Mr Lulu wasn't a fan of the macaroni and cheese saying it was a bit too rich for his taste (privately I was glad - because I didn't feel like I was missing out... Don't tell him I said that though!) but the spinach and sweet potato were comfortingly clean in flavour.

So if you want to experience a quintessential American barbecue experience, Blue Smoke will provide that for you and bless them for making the effort to provide it to as many people as possible.

Blue Smoke Seasoning - Gluten & Dairy Free
 Blue Smoke has two locations:
FLATIRON 116 E. 27th Street(b/w Park and Lexington)
BATTERY PARK CITY 255 Vesey Street(b/w West St. and North End Ave.)

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