Monday, 9 July 2012

Whole Foods Market

 Whole Foods is like a Disneyland for the sensitive tummy.

It's a supermarket packed to the brim with delicious options - the sheer range of gluten free, dairy free options is so advanced and astounding.

You could very easily spend a few hours here poring over everything that is available to you.  I particularly loved spotting ...  Rice & soy whipped cream in a can!  Ice cream tubs with delectable flavours!  Gluten & Dairy free Cheese!  Oh yummy, vegan jelly!  Bagels of my GOODNESS bagels!!!  Ohhh and my favourite - Gluten and Dairy free Oreos (known as KinniToos) that taste like the real thing...

So I guess you could say this place is well worth the visit - have I made it obvious enough do you think?!

There are Whole Foods Market locations dotted all over New York - visit their website to find your nearest location

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