Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Apple Crumble... Cake!

Our Apple Crumble Cupcake has been such a hit it's now morphed into cake form by popular demand...

For the uninitiated - our Apple Crumble Cake is a cinnamon sponge carved out to softly echo a pie crust and we've then stuffed it with our apple pie filling that's been spiced with cinnamon. Then to finish it off, we've soft-served the top with our vanilla bean dairy free cream and sprinkled it with a crunchy cinnamon crumble.  It's a mixture of textures from soft and yielding creaminess, crunchy crumble to tangy apple pie filling!  I love how the filling oozes out when you cut the cake open!

Our Apple Crumble cake is available in a mini version which can feed up to four people (or two very greedy people) or in 20cm which can feed between 8-10 people.  It's perfect for any occasion - tea parties, birthdays or family get togethers!

If you need it in a larger size - no problem at all - just pop us an email :)

You can order it online now :)

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