Monday, 15 October 2012

Maria & Adam are getting married!

I have to apologise to my blog readers - I have completely neglected my blog and have only been updating my facebook, twitter & instagram!   I was sucked into the social media ether - it's the instant feedback that is so enticing and one thing I only just realised is that people are often checking my blog too!  So may I offer huge apologies - Miss Lulu is here and back to share all her adventures more regularly!

Since I last spoke - there have been so many lovely baking stories I've had the privilege of being a part of - so over the next few weeks I'll be talking about them one by one :)

This week for example - is going to be a massive week for Maria & Adam - who are getting married this Saturday!  Hooray!  When I met Maria for the first time I was taken by her genuine kindness and sincerity.  Once I met her lovely hubby-to-be as well - I quickly saw how much they clearly love eachother.  It's so beautiful to be a part of this magnificent day in their lives - it's an honour and a privilege!

So above is a picture of some mini cupcakes I did for her hens party - when I delivered the cupcakes I could see just how much her family adore her - as the house was decorated with so much fun and frivolity!  This Saturday is going to be a special, amazing day for all of them - I could sense the gorgeous energy building already!

I can't wait to bake for them this Saturday - it will be so so much fun!

Lots of love! Miss Lulu xo

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