Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Egg Free & Vegan Tummies Rejoice!

Ever since I posted a photo on Instagram of our chocolate donuts (once again a testament to the power of social media!) Vegan Food Share - an instagram profile that features vegan pictures from around the world - approached me to see if we would be interested in being featured.  Once we agreed - our instagram followers grew exponentially - and I was delighted to see how many hungry, appreciative vegans there are out in the world!

To be honest - the reason why I made things without egg was to accommodate the sensitive tummies out there that can't tolerate it - so it didn't even occur to me that vegans would be interested!  But interested they have been - and I've become even more determined to build on our menu and the next thing I've been trying to conquer is an egg free, vegan vanilla cake.

But try after try - I couldn't quite get it right.

Enter one of my gorgeous customers, Carolyn.  Her favourite treat has always been the apple crumble cupcake and I still remember the first time I delivered them to her - she skipped towards me with excitement with her adorable puppy Columbo - it was a sight that was so sweet and beautiful.  And since then - I've seen her come by and without fail it's always been the apple crumble cupcake.

So when she wrote to me and told me she had become vegan as well and whether she could get a vegan apple crumble cake for her birthday - I swung into action and realised I had to tackle this recipe once and for all and conquer it!

I warned her that it may fail and she very diplomatically said she'd be happy with just the apple pie filling, the dairy free cream and the crumble.  So I made sure I had a lovely bowl on hand in case disaster struck. 

All I can say is thank goodness for her willingness to be my test subject!

And did it work?  The picture of the above is the result - which is all well and good - but what did it taste like?  Here is the amazing response from Carolyn which she texted to me 20 minutes after I left:

"I can give you feedback already. You nailed it!! The texture & density is so nice and moist. I think I even prefer this to your normal version of this cake! Absolutely delicious Lulu! I've just had a 2nd piece & stand by what I said above. Your apple pie like filling, cream, and crumble on top is divine. You are a star xoxo With love from your very satisfied test subject : ) Carolyn"

So now - I'm very very happy to announce that ALL of our cupcake flavours & cakes are available by special order for all of my egg free, vegan friends.  All you have to do when ordering online (click here to order now!) is choose the egg free/vegan option or if you want a customised cake - just give me a call xo  And if we're popping up somewhere - just email through to me at orders@misslulus.com.au and I'll fire up the oven for your own little beauties x

With lots of love xo
Miss Lulu xo

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