Monday, 17 December 2012

Carolyn & Matt - 8 December 2012

A week before the 8th December 2012, I got an email from the beautiful Carolyn who just casually announced that she was getting married to Matt on Saturday and was going to have a picnic wedding... I just couldn't believe my eyes when I read it!

I knew she was a sweetheart already but it was such an amazing surprise to hear how she would love to have some of our treats to be a part of her big day - namely our egg free, vegan apple crumble cupcakes.  "OF COURSE I will make them for you!  Are you kidding?! I'm so honoured your even thought to have me play a little part in your big day!"

I've written about Carolyn before - the first time she found us she ordered a box of 5 apple crumble cupcakes for delivery to her place.  The beautiful memory that most strikes me everytime she gets in contact with me is when she saw me arrive she skipped towards me in excitement with her dog Columbo.  It's a memory that always makes me smile - because it encapsulates what a beautiful soul she is.

When she contacted me - I really couldn't believe my luck - another bride with such a refreshing attitude and such kindness in her heart.  It was obvious all she was thinking about was making it easier for me - which is beyond generous!

So on the Friday I went over to deliver her wedding treats - including these gingerbread hearts with their names emblazoned on there.  I got a big hug, met her wonderful sister, had a wonderful chat, saw the AMAZING wedding dress and wished her all the very very best on her big day. 

Later on I got a message from Carolyn saying that she got her nails done and the colour happen to match the pink on the gingerbread!  I have to admit I quietly (okay, not so quietly) squealed with delight!

The next day while I was baking away - my thoughts drifted towards Carolyn & Matt - I wondered whether they were getting married right that very second - and the thought made my heart sing!  And then all of the sudden my phone beeped and I checked my messages - only to find a seriously thoughtful gift from Carolyn & Matt.  A photo of them chomping away at the gingerbread I made for them!!  What a gift!  How on earth did they manage to be so thoughtful just before they were about the get married?!  Most couples would be completely consumed by their big day... I truly couldn't believe it - I was so touched.  I did a little dance because as you can see - the photo above is so precious and beautiful!  I will treasure it always...

So Carolyn & Matt - THANK YOU for having me be a part of your special day and CONGRATULATIONS on getting MARRIED!!!!!!!! Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Lots of love xo
Miss Lulu xoxoxoxox

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