Monday, 3 December 2012

Maria & Adam - 20th October 2012

There are times in your life when you can't believe how blessed and lucky you are.  Meeting Maria for the first time at the Northside Produce Market at our very first market was a delight - and she has since then become a very important part of the Miss Lulu family - including being the very first bride to come through our doors (and what a perfect bride she turned out to be!)

Knowing that a wedding is one of the biggest occasions in a person's life - I was extremely concerned about doing this for her and her lovely hubby Adam - the thought of ruining their wedding struck terror into my heart!  So - I actually tried to send her elsewhere - but the beautiful Maria persisted and I distinctly remember her telling me "no pressure - just one of those 'eat me' cakes you make would be great"... Essentially - she was trying to tell me that anything would be perfect - and I defy anyone to show me a more gracious and giving bride.

So as the months passed - she would visit each month at the market and we all got to know her - and it was very apparent even from the beginning that she was a very special, gorgeous soul. A few months later I got to meet her now husband Adam - who was equally as kind and gracious.  Watching them together is so beautiful - they're one of those couples where you know there is such pure love and adoration for each other.  It reminded me of my own hubby and our wedding day - and the wedding was even more special as it was 3 days before my own wedding anniversary.

So as the day approached and given this was my first time for a wedding - I did a practice run with the "Queen of Hearts" cake stand her lovely friend Ann-Marie discovered for her and sent her a picture.  And she wrote:
"OH MY GOD! I mean this from the bottom of my heart... they are AMAZING!!!!!!  AMAZING! I can’t believe you! I was more than happy with the original ‘eat me’ design. You honestly didn’t need to go to this much trouble! I feel like crying! I just love them. They are too pretty to eat!"

I felt like crying myself when I read her reply!  There is nothing more wonderful than being able to exceed the expectations of someone who doesn't ask for much at all - but deserves so much more because of their humility and kindness.

Once the wedding came around - I sat down to decorate it all and my heart was full of joy and fear all at once! And on top of all of that - it was also market day!  So I was baking for everyone!!!  Just when I was wondering if I was going to survive Maria's sweet dad came by to introduce himself at the market - and his pride for his daughter was beaming all over the place!  It was so heartwarming and the sun began to shine even brighter - nothing could stop me from smiling even though I was exhausted.

So as I walked through the magical Luna Park to the venue with Mr Lulu - and passed over the cake & 100's of cupcakes - my heart was shining at the thought that Maria and Adam were getting married at that very moment. Walking away hand in hand with Mr Lulu - knowing that we had played a part in someone else's special day was a big blessing indeed.

I then proceeded to fall onto the couch and went into the deepest slumber!

The next day - the new Mrs Montana took the time to write me this message:

"Dear Miss Lulu, I can't thank you enough for the absolutely amazing effort you went to on Saturday. They were the most amazing cupcakes ever. People actually told me they were the best cupcakes they had ever tried and I swear people said our wedding display was the most beautiful one they had ever seen. I can't thank you enough. I will never forget the effort you went to for us. It was the icing on the cake!!! Hee Hee! Love in tonnes, Mr and Mrs Montana xxxxx"

I am still thanking my lucky stars that she came along and gave me this chance to play and use my imagination - the freedom she gave me was an incredible gift.

Thank you so much Maria & Adam - for letting me be a part of your wedding celebrations x  CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING HUSBAND & WIFE!!!

With lots of love xo
Miss Lulu xo

PS Amazing credit goes to Cavanagh Photography for the incredible photos!

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  1. What an amazing post! Miss Lulu, you are too kind for words! I meant every word, I am still amazed at the level of detail you put into our wonderful cakes, and everything else you do to be honest. The day was perfectly topped off with the most delicious (on the eyes and the tummy) cakes!
    I am forever grateful, thank you for everything, Love Maria and Adam