Monday, 11 February 2013

Love to Zinnia & her family xo

In 2012 one of the highlights of my year was that we went international...  Somehow (and special mention goes to beautiful Dee the Foodie!) via the grapevine there were a few special people who sent out our treats to their loved ones in Sydney. 

One person who made a particular impact on me is Zinnia. One day I got an order from this beautiful girl - a local from Sydney who had moved to India for many months.  And as I learnt pretty quickly - she is deeply loved and everyone was missing her terribly.

So after that first order many others began flowing in - and before I knew it I found myself having the pleasure and honour of being her message of love for quite a few friends and family.

My most favourite order of all was the mint choc chip cake that I baked for her mother's 60th birthday.  The photo above is of the moment her mother received her cake - she looks pretty stunning doesn't she?!

Anyway - I remember being ushered inside by her gorgeous father who sat me down and welcomed me like I was his family.  His beaming pride for his daughter was very apparent and his cute smile was so heartwarming.  After meeting both her parents - I could clearly see where Zinnia got her kindness and generosity from - and I walked away that day with a instant understanding of how much her parents love and adore her.

After that day - I planned to write a blog post about her - but I was waiting till the moment I could see her again so I could capture a pic of her. That moment was hopefully going to be this Saturday.

But I just found out that her dad - the one with heartwarming smile - has been unwell and he just had surgery last Monday.  Thankfully - I've heard that he is well and will be coming home very soon. Because of that I didn't want to miss this opportunity to send love to Zinnia and her family - and to give all my best wishes to her Dad for a very speedy recovery.

Zinnia - thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your messages of love and celebration - it was a real honour x  I look forward to giving you a hug to say thank you... And I hope that your Dad is okay.  He will be all the more stronger now that you're back to give him your love in person xo

With lots of love xo
Miss Lulu xo


  1. Thank you Miss Lulu, you brightened more than just my day with this blog post :D I have to confess though I stole the idea from Dee's brother (so when he's next in town, I'll have to get him another Miss Lulu's to thank him)! p.s. Did I mention I've been dying of anticipation for the last six months - everyone that's been on the receiving end of your desserts has been telling me how amazing they are !! March Markets here I come !! :D:D:D Zinnia

    1. Beautiful Zinnia - what a sweet message to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it xo I remember delivering for Dee's brother too - I remember he brought tears to one of the lucky recipients! I'm so excited that I will get to see you in March - and I'm even happier to hear that your dad is improving xo Lots of love Zinnia and see you very very soon! xo