Tuesday, 10 September 2013


So I hung up my apron and completed all of my book keeping (I must say baking is so much more fun!)... Now I've finally put my swollen feet up on the couch to prepare for the arrival of Little Lulu... but I couldn't completely rest until I sent you all a very big THANK YOU for your enthusiasm, support and understanding during this special time.

I have had such a massive amount of love sent my way - the well wishes have been very overwhelming - wishes filled with such generosity and care.  I really feel as if I have this bonus family out there who take a genuine interest in my well being - I am so fortunate to be able to have met so many people with hearts of gold in my Miss Lulu adventures.

So - now as so many of you have been demanding and requesting - I am now beginning my very own cookbook - filled with all of the recipes from the treats you've been eating as well as a few more!  I would really love any feedback you might have - any food dreams that you've been having and I can give it a try and make that dream come true!

In the meantime - I will keep you all posted on the progress of the book with pictures and stories and of course will let you know when Little Lulu arrives xo  This is not goodbye - but I will certainly miss baking for you all! xo

Speak to you all soon and lots of love!
Miss Lulu xo

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